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Healthcare SaaS Case Study Summary

 June 2018


Emerging Global Services (EGS) implements a scalable contact center for a growing Healthcare SaaS company in the Clinical Communications sector.


The EGS technology, combined with highly trained call center representatives in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, implemented Voice-to-Text solutions for the healthcare communication needs of doctors, nurses and patients at 150,000 hospitals and clinics nationwide.


The Challenge.  

Find a lower cost labor and technology solution with healthcare certifications (Security and HIPPA) and well-trained employees, which can process a high volume of complex, phone-based clinical communication calls into accurate and succinct text messages distributed across a SaaS platform.  The goal was to reduce costs by at least 30% and improve quality through employee retention.


The Solution.

Contract with an experienced SaaS (Healthcare industry) call-center provider (Emerging Global Services) located in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico (Nearshore) where high quality, English speaking labor is widely available at significantly less cost than in the U.S.A.  The labor is exceptional when compared to call-center employees in the U.S.  For example, almost all EGS employees have two or four-year college degrees which is not common in the U.S. market.  In addition, most EGS employees have either lived in, or regularly visit, the U.S.  Lastly, EGS employees are highly trained on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule, creating a more efficient labor force at less cost than in the U.S.


In addition to quality labor, EGS manages an operationally-excellent call center which is laser-focused on the call center critical success factors of recruiting right, hiring right, continuous training, excellent front-line supervisors and creating an engaging and fun culture.


Lastly, the EGS technology platform enables call center representatives to more effectively serve our clients customers in a seamless manner, across any communication channel they prefer, including voice, SMS/Text, Chat, Web, Social, Email, Video or Self-Service.


The Results.

  • Reduced clinical communication labor costs 42% annually.  

  • Reduced employee turnover (attrition) within the phone-based clinical communications team by 20% annually.

  • Improved the speed of healthcare and clinical communication across the SaaS platform user base, resulting in faster and more efficient provider and patient communications across the continuum of care.  

  • Improved patient, nurse and doctor customer satisfaction when using the voice-to-text SaaS platform user interface.


More about EGS.

Emerging Global Services, LLC (EGS), based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider delivering innovative technology and labor services from emerging markets worldwide (USA, Mexico, Africa).  The EGS solution delivers cost savings by leveraging our high quality, lower cost of labor and technology solutions, for any Healthcare SaaS provider, serving doctors, nurses and patients across the healthcare continuum.


SaaS providers require a multi-channel customer communications strategy when it comes to support.  While voice-related service is the most common channel of support in healthcare, customers using SaaS applications prefer instant access to Chat, Text, Email and even Video within the application itself, or from Social Media pages and traditional Web and Mobile interfaces.  EGS delivers cloud-based multi-channel solutions that fully integrate with most applications on the market, delivering a 360-degree view of your customers activity via robust reporting, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and data analytics, all in real time.


Learn more about EGS here:

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