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Business Process Services (BPS). Gee, #WDITOT!

Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO, right? Not quite.

I wish I could say I thought of this, but I read a great blog post this morning written by Bob Law with DCX Technology, and he shares in summary how his firm migrated to a services description in their category branding. This makes perfect sense. Sort of a Why Did I Think of That Moment!

Well, the truth is, I have thought of this, but not from the perspective of trying to change the name of an entire, globally accepted industry category. Bottom Line is, I love it! This is how entrepreneurs think. Why not change the name of an entire category, since we are in the Services sector.

Now, if we look at Bob's blog even further, he makes an excellent argument that we might as well leapfrog to a future name (and I mean "near future) of naming our industry Business Process Automation (BPA). This makes good sense, but I would argue the correct name should be Business Process Application (BPA, or BPApp). At the end of the day, Automation = Applications. Nothing is automated unless there is well structured software and people-processes behind the scenes of any customer facing support task. I can also understand that BPA or BPApp, who cares, it is saying the same thing.

So, the main point of this blog post today is to ask you a question. What do you think? How do you see this? Would you rename our category (BPO) to something else? And, if so, what would that be?

- Steve Shefveland, Founder

Emerging Global Services, LLC


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