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The FQHC Call Center.

Handling COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Calls?

Staffing your call center or local clinics to handle COVID-19 Vaccinations is easy, right? As the volume of vaccination calls increases, do you have a cost effective strategy in place to quickly and efficiently handle call volume spikes that meet the needs of your patients?

EGS is an external call center company meeting the needs of the FQHC call center market. In the past 2-months, we’ve continuously ramped call center support agents for FQHC's struggling to staff their call center and to meet the demands of COVID-19 vaccination appointments. We support these FQHC's by providing highly trained, HIPAA certified, call center representatives working in tandem with your support teams.

Some FQHC's do not have a centralized call center, but let each individual clinic handle all phone calls. Although that strategy may work during "normal" times, the demands on each clinic to handle, in some cases, a 200% increase in total calls, is challenging and can take away from those patients who come into the clinic for their normal medical appointment.

EGS operates our call center 24/7/365 and can handle overflow calls, overnight and weekend calls which can be the most challenging and expensive shifts to staff. In fact, one of FQHC clients in California told us we've helped them solve these additional problems: Call center employee no shows, high employee turnover, challenges with call center agents who "work at home," and a disaster recovery solution should you incur a major outage or natural disaster outside of your control.

We operate three call centers in Sonora, México. Our agents speak fluent English (and Spanish) and most have lived in the USA and understand the healthcare industry. In addition, our cost model is 30% less than the cost to staff in the USA.

If you would like to learn more, give me a call at 480-630-6208, or email me at, and let's see how we might support your COVID-19 desk, or other needs you may have.


Steve Shefveland, Founder/CEO

EGS Global, Inc., d/b/a Emerging Global Services

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