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U.S. Contact Center Best Practices. In Mexico?

Does your contact center provider operate a call center outside of the U.S.? If so, do they follow U.S. Best Practices for Contact Center Management?

Many companies outsource their contact center to BPO's operating in other countries. But, does your outsourced partners foreign management truly know and understand the daily operating procedures necessary to exceed U.S. Consumer's expectations?

In my 30 years of building and operating contact centers around the world and in North America, this is one of the most fundamental questions that must be validated before contracting with an offshore/nearshore team who will represent your brand to our customers.

My company, Emerging Global Services, operates three call centers in the state of Sonora, Mexico. Fundamental to the success of our operation is our hiring and training regimen, which incorporates U.S. Best Practices for call center operating teams. In addition, all of our quality assurance is implemented from our corporate offices in Phoenix, AZ USA. Most of our management, critical to our day-to-day operations of our call center agents, are either U.S. employees or local Mexico citizens who have global experience in contact center management. This has been critical to our success over the past 12 years we've been in business. Finding the right mix of contact center "best practices" implemented within the rules and norms of the local country culture is essential for an offshore/nearshore contact center parternship to excel.

If you are seeking a new contact center partner, or evaluating your existing partnership(s), spend some time getting to know the leadership teams knowledge of U.S. Contact Center Best Practices and determine if they being implemented and managed within the organization. Yes, the United States leads the world in this arena, therefore it is important to know that your customers and "brand" will be serviced by management that truly understands the U.S. Consumer when it comes to customer care, sales and technical support.

Steve Shefveland, Founder

EGS Global, Inc., d/b/a Emerging Global Services

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