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I called my television provider this week. I won't say who, but as some of you know, I love football, and I love watching my Seattle Seahawks while living in Phoenix and rooting "against" the Arizona Cardinals.

Well, I had just sat down at my desk with my first cup of Joe this morning, and knew that I needed to check on deals for this upcoming season. The women on the phone was genuine. I mean, she was just really "nice"! Now, that may sound funny, but for some reason, her "voice" was so genuine and nice, it simply made my morning!

So, I got to thinking, do my agents sound this nice on every call? Well, yes, I know they all try to always be nice. But, we are human and cannot always sound so perfect, can we? So, I asked this very nice representative handling my call, "you are so nice, are you this way on each and every call you handle in a day?" Her response was simple. Today was Monday, and on Monday's, as a team, she said they all commit to paying attention to our "voice" on the phone. She said we all want and try to speak and perform well, but when they focus on it for a specific day (every Monday), their voice starts to "change" and become the "norm."

So, I really learned something today. Pick something each day to really focus on with your supervisors and reps in your call center. Overtime, they just "become" what you focus on!

- Steve

Emerging Global Services, LLC


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