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Coronavirus. Is Your Call Center Partner Ready?

COVID-19 will demonstrate quickly if your internal call center, or outsourced call center partner, has true disaster recovery plan in place, tested and ready to go.

EGS Global is a fully redundant, Nearshore Contact Center Outsourcing provider offering an array of customer and technical support, sales and back-office work for our clients in the Healthcare, Managed Services, Insurance, Software, Cloud, E-commerce, Legal, Travel and Hospitality industries.

For over 13 years, we've been operating the state of Sonora, Mexico, with multiple sites across the state of Sonora Mexico. Our labor force is highly educated, fully bi-lingual (English/Spanish) and has the highest number of agents who moved back to Sonora due to the current Immigration policies which caused their VISA's to expire. The result? Superior labor under a very fair cost model.

If your organization depends on a call center to serve your customers, sell your products, and support your services, you need a Disaster Mitigation and Recovery plan you can rely on. Yes, "work from home" agents are a good solution. We do this ourselves when needed. But, just as important, is having multiple call centers in different locations around the country (or regions of the world), to support your business during a time like this. COVID-19 is not everywhere in the world, all at once. There are many locations where coronavirus has just not had a significant impact, and other countries where the virus has now subsided. WHO Global Situation Map. This will most likely be the case in the U.S. However until that time you need to keep answering the phone, handling chats, respond to emails and support your customers. In fact, they're not many times like now, where a large percentage of buyers of your products and services are now a "captive audience." A perfect time to convert, sell, and support them in new and unique ways.

We can help you if you have questions and needs. If you have a call center partner, ask them to provide their disaster contingency plan and make sure they "test" it. If they are slow to respond, or do not have an adequate plan, give us a call!

Steve Shefveland, CEO

EGS Global, Inc., d/b/a Emerging Global Services

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