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Do you Sell-to or Deliver Customer Care to the 50+ Demographic? Then You Need Tree Rings!

Tree Rings LLC is the world's first call center outsourcing company solely focused on helping those companies who sell-to, market-to and support the boomer adult demographic. We are experts in serving the 50+ demographic.

If you are a medical products company, a healthcare provider, an insurance provider or almost any other company who sells to older adults, you need a world-class back-end call center partner who knows this space. We hire boomers who support the boomer demographic. We are experts in this space. Whether you need 10 seats or 1,000 seats, we can help you. We are based in retirement communities in Arizona, and have a host of technologies and expertise to support your initiatives.

Contact me anytime to discuss.

Steve Shefveland, Founder

602-312-8900 / or

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