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Do You Still Read Newspapers? Well, Yes. It's Called Content!

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With the internet, smartphone and tablets, the newspaper industry has been struggling for years. A decline in print newspaper subscriptions has cut revenues and margins, putting tremendous strain on publishers. According to the Pew Research Center in June of this year, "the estimated total U.S. daily newspaper circulation (print and digital combined) in 2017 was 31 million for weekday and 34 million for Sunday, down 11% and 10%, respectively, from the previous year." It may be obvious that this industry needs to find high performing ways to significantly reduce costs and keep and add new subscribers. This is important not only for your base book of revenue, but to maintain and grow your Advertising revenue.

And the best way to do this to find the "right" outsourced supplier who is close in proximity to the U.S. (but not in the U.S.) and who is passionate about your content.

I own a global outsourcing company in Phoenix, and we have nearshore call center operations in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, just 50-minutes South of Phoenix on American Airlines. We handle a lot of sales calls for newspapers, including inbound and outbound sales and customer support at 45% less cost than a U.S. contact center. But, what makes us truly unique is the passion of our call center reps in selling your content. They are exceptional. They know the power of print and digital. Why, because in Hermosillo, Mexico, print is still a major form of communication. Our team understands this and knows how to sell this. However, we also rely on digital communications in all facets of life, so they understand the value proposition of both. They know how to convert! And yes, they speak exceptional English because most of our reps lived-in or went to school in the U.S.

We can sell and serve your customers and advertising clients at 45% less cost that your internal team, or your current outsourced U.S. team. And, we can deliver higher retention and new sales metrics than most U.S. call centers. You want a partner who is passionate about your content, regardless of distribution channel. You want reps on the phone who know to connect-with and retain subscribers. Your reporters, photojournalist and editors are exceptional at what they do, and you need a team of sales reps who can translate this to your current and future customers.

If you want to really save money, and drive sales, we need to talk. Our team is exceptional, and our costs are low. Contact me today regarding year end discounts for letting us handle some (or all) of your contact center sales and service needs.

Steve Shefveland, Founder

Emerging Global Services, LLC

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