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Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

A "hidden gem" in a sea of Nearshore call center locations.

And, some of the best Tortillas and Carne Asada you've ever tasted!

Hermosillo, Mexico, located in the heart of Mexico's state of Sonora (in Northern Mexico), is a city of approximately 1.5 Million people. It is also the state capital, and one of the safest cities in Mexico according to Mexico's Crime and Safety Index.

I have owned a call center in Hermosillo for 10 years. At that time, it truly was an emerging labor market. However, even in 2018, it is still a hidden gem, and an excellent market for placing your outsourced contact center services.

Why is this a location the "best" Nearshore location in North America? Consider the following:

  • Highly Educated Labor. Over 19 colleges, universities, and technical schools.

  • Excellent Bi-Lingual English and Spanish speaking labor force. The English spoken in Hermosillo is almost native English in accent. Very neutral. Very good.

  • Superior Infrastructure.

  • Working Class City. The work ethic in Hermosillo is superior for what you need in staffing and operating a call center. It is not a tourist city, it is a working-mans town. The employees are exactly what you seek when staffing a call center. Too many "so called" nearshore call center destinations are tourist towns, meeting the interest of the visitors more than the needs of a great customer service experience. The tourist cites in LATAM or the Caribbean where nearshore call centers are located results in a lazy work ethic, and a saturated labor force that is re-hired over and over, not meeting the true pains that need to be solved in an outsourced contact center and BPO relationship.

  • Low Call Center Saturation. The city of Hermosillo has a relatively small number of contact centers. Making it an excellent location to set up due to your ability to retain quality employees.

The following video provides a good overview of the city of Hermosillo for your next Nearshore Call Center location. Contact Emerging Global Services, LLC when you need call center support.

Steve Shefveland, Founder/CEO

Emerging Global Services, LLC


Who is Emerging Global Services, LLC?

Relationships fuel our global economy.  We operate on the premise that meaningful connections result in meaningful relationships that matter in life, and in business.  Therefore, every relationship is an opportunity to add value across the enterprise.

EGS is a people-centric, entrepreneurial outsourcing provider in the sales, customer service, and technical support industries.  Our centers are unique because we are located in new and emerging labor markets nearshore, offshore and in the U.S., where highly educated labor is abundant, yet competition for that labor is low.  This results in low employee turnover (attrition under 15% a year), and high customer satisfaction for our clients.

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