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Make Money. Save Money. Mitigate Risk. What Would you Choose?

An industry colleague of mine, Michele Crocker of Cardiff MarTech, asked me this question last week while discussing contact centers and the impact of COVID-19 on their global customer support organization. It was interesting because we both knew what the obvious answer was: Mitigate Risk!

Well, prior to Coronavirus, very few contact center professionals would have chosen risk mitigation as their answer. "Yes, it is important" they might say, "but not more important than increasing revenue and decreasing costs". "Besides," they might say, "we already have disaster recovery plans to mitigate risk."

Well, over the past three-weeks our nearshore operation in Sonora, Mexico has added 200+ new call center employees to our already robust work@home agent pool. The companies we added realized their current call center partners did not have any risk-mitigation plans in place (or, their internal call center teams stretched the truth on this subject). The result? No ability to move a high volume of agents to work@home overnight.

If you and your team have questions or concerns, or need quick insights on how to streamline your contact center operations during COVID-19, then please reach out to my colleague Michele Crocker ( She has over 30-years of global contact center operations experience, including at such brands as British Airways, DHL and United Parcel Service (UPS). Her consulting expertise has helped numerous CEO's make money, save money AND mitigate risk! She is all about optimization of your current people, process and technology. And, she is all about data, metrics and analysis, driving results for your organization in days, not weeks. My experience with other consulting firms? They like to string things out (which increases your cost and puts you at more risk during this global pandemic). Michele is all about results ... now.

So, feel free to reach out to her directly via 310-953-1655, or email her at You can't go wrong! Or, if you want some 3rd party validation, call me at 480-630-6208, or email me at and I'm happy to discuss further.

Steve Shefveland, Founder/CEO

Emerging Global Services

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