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Spanish. Do your Customers Speak it?

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According to the 2016 U.S. Census, there are an estimated 55 million Hispanic people in the United States, comprising over 17% of the population. Roughly all of them speak fluent Spanish. So, if you own a company, or you are the CEO of a Fortune 5000 corporation, you need to ask yourself: Do we provide Spanish language customer support? If so, how are we delivering it? Are there other ways to do this which are more cost-effective, and delivered at a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

In 2018, there are many options in how you deliver Spanish Customer care, including emerging Artificial Intelligence (A.i.) platforms. However, many of A.i. platforms are simply not ready. Yes, some have "natural language" English capabilities, but most do not yet have a Spanish language "plug in" ready to go. But, even if they did, they would also need to connect with all of your many back-end databases to deliver solutions to the reason for a customers call in the first place. Most Fortune 5000 companies (if not most companies) have too many legacy systems impacting their ability to deliver cost-effective "automated" support which is necessary to maintain high Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Therefore, your choices are limited to your internal center or via an outsourced partner.

Many companies deliver Spanish from their own call centers. However, with labor markets tightening, and unemployment at the lowest rate in 10-years (3.9%) , finding enough call center agents who speak fluent Spanish (and English) is difficult. The best solution is to outsource this function. Why? Because there are so many nearshore solutions, or even "work-from-home" solutions that will effectively meet your needs. As the founder of Emerging Global Services, LLC (a global BPO), we operate nearshore - right next door to the U.S.A. - from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. The availability of Bi-lingual Spanish and English speaking, college degreed, call center agents is widespread. It is a very effective solution to staff your Spanish customer support queue (voice, chat, email, social, etc.).

Steve Shefveland, Founder

Emerging Global Services, LLC / 602-312-8900

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