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Summer is (almost) Over. What are Your Plans for Fall?

It's about this time of year the budget processes for 2020 either begin (for some companies), or is almost done for many others. But, we still have four months to go in 2019! Have you achieved your goals? What more do you need to do, now, to maximize your goals, come in under budget, and drive more revenue?

If you need more sales? We can help.

Do you need more leads? We can help.

Are you sick of dealing with your low-end call center performers (the dreaded bottom one-third of your contact center - or your partners center)? We can help.

Or, do you have so much call volume in Q4 that you always need to ramp up more reps to meet service levels? We can help.

Do you have enough Technical Support Reps? It not, we are flexible, smart and support any number of consumer and Cloud technology platforms. Well, yes, we can help!

We are EGS Global, delivering innovative contact center solutions from new and emerging labor markets world-wide. We've been in business for 10-years, but we still operate like a customized, flexible and entrepreneurial partner! We are easy to work with. We are good!

Contact us! We can help you meet and exceed your 2019 goals and beyond. Our team has well over 200 years of combined contact center operations experience globally, including Mexico, North America, Africa and Asia.

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Steve Shefveland, Founder and CEO

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