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The Hospitality Call Center in 2018

EGS Call Center in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

Does your Hospitality and Travel Services call center deliver a quality customer experience and ROI?  Or is it the forgotten distribution channel?

The following findings are from an independent survey published by Cloud5 Communications in November 2017, where over 24 major brands and chains, representing over 8,300 hotels in the North American market were surveyed (Budget Tier to Luxury Tier brands), or about 16% of the total market:

·     Contact Centers account for 20% of overall reservations, and we estimate in excess of 35% of customer service issue resolution, including all major loyalty programs.

·      Contact Center contribution ranges from 15% for budget tier brands to over 40% of central reservations for luxury brands.

·      Contact Centers have the highest Average Daily Rate (ADR) for reservations over all channels by a minimum of 10 points vs. all other channels (dollar for dollar on EBITDA contribution).

·      Contact Centers provide the platform for hospitality’s Mobile strategies that are increasingly reliant on them to underpin efforts related to Millennial consumers/guests.

This is the good news. So, maybe you are thinking “so what, nothing new here, we already know this.” Well, now the bad news from this study, from the Executive Summary:

“Although there are key performance indicators in play across the industry, it has been a “hit or miss” exercise for Operators looking to capture and track revenue conversion rates and other key performance metrics.” And … “This survey reveals a surprising lack of insight by operators into their voice channel, as well as a clear opportunity to elevate performance through proactive analytics management and adherence to industry best practices”. For example,

·     “100% of respondents reported only one conversion metric, either net or gross conversion.”

·      “62.5% of respondents did not know their average agent tenure.”

·      “Only 50% of respondents reported attrition.”

·      “100% did not report involuntary vs voluntary attrition.”

Bottom Line: Reducing employee attrition is the most important factor for a hotel brand to increase revenue and improve Net Promoter Scores (NPS). So, as you continue your 2018 sales initiatives and begin to plan for 2019, what would you like to change?

Contact Emerging Global. We can help in any number of ways. Our annual attrition is less than 20% a year, saving you money and improving quality. Email me at and we can set up a time to discuss further.

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