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Wireless Providers and Retailers. What Image Comes to Your Mind First?

Wireless service providers. Wireless retailers. When you hear these words and see their logos, what image comes to mind? Although I may not know you personally, I'll bet that your first thought it had something to do with Service. Either cell service or customer service. Customer Care in the Wireless Service Provider and Retail (online and brick & mortar) market is critical to your success.

Because the build-out of wireless 4G (and now 5G) data, voice and video is so pervasive across the geographic U.S., differentiation, pricing, customer satisfaction and lower churn is driven more and more by the customer care you deliver. According to Peter Cunningham, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Practice Lead at J.D. Power, “Personalized feedback, rapid-fire response time and interaction with live humans are some of the primary factors driving the highest levels of customer satisfaction with wireless carrier customer service and," ... "personalized assistance via phone, app and face-to-face are still critical to customer satisfaction.” It's all about delivering a world-class customer service experience.

Now, we all know the big four (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint) wireless carriers have large customer support centers they oown, outsource or both. But, more importantly, the next tier of wireless carriers must also deliver cost-effective, yet exceptional support to compete. Therefore, outsourcing customer care is critical for the Tier 2 providers. And, outsourcing to smaller provider is critical because a smaller provider will deliver the results, pricing, flexibility and focus you need. Why? Because your Busienss is critical and important to them.

So, what about Wireless Retailers? If the carriers need customer support to differentiate and compete is a crowded market, then wireless retailers really need great customer and (maybe more important) sales support. I am referring to the online and offline wireless retailers and the many independent retailers who provide the critical sales channel access to consumers for all of the carriers. At the end of the day, you are selling a service. You need to deliver an exceptional "brick and mortar" omni-channel and cusotmer care experience. You can do this via an outsourced call center who can sell and service your customers in a way that "supports" your in-store sales personnel. And this type of "blended" support model (leveraging a contact center to support your in-store/retail personnel) is critical to your success. A Harvard Business Review study revealed that 73% of consumers use various channels during shopping journeys. Customers spend 4% more time in retail when using multiple channels during their shopping journey. It’s estimated that by 2020, 56% of retailer locations will become hubs for omnichannel fulfillment.

Emerging Global Services, LLC is the right size nearshore contact center sales and support provider for both carriers and retailers. We know the wireless market, and we bring an entrepreneurial spirt of flexibility along with the right omni-channel technology to help you carve out the service and sales experience you need. Contact me to discuss how we can support your wireless customers, and your brick & mortar sales personnel, both online and offline, creating an omni-channel experience to complete in a crowded space.

Steve Shefveland, Founder

Emerging Global Services, LLC / 602-312-8900

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